Now you can assess hitters build hitting programsget feedback on HitTrax.

1. Perform Hitting Assessment on HitTrax

Pelotero’s Assessment takes about 15-20 minutes. After you complete your assessment, we’ll provide your top priorities to improve your hitting.

2. Build Your Customized Hitting Program

Using your assessment results, build your custom hitting program in seconds. Your drills will be selected based exactly on your swing and what you need to improve performance.

3. Perform Your Programs On HitTrax (or at Home)

Perform your Custom Hitting Program on HitTrax! Pelotero will provide specific goals for each drill and give you feedback on each swing you take. Quickly make adjustments and take your training to the next level!

Accessing and starting your program is simple. Go to the Pelotero app on HitTrax, select the hitter and begin your program.

Interested in getting access to Pelotero on HitTrax? Let us know here