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Pelotero Pickle 39: Deep Hitting Talk with Special Guest Mike Bryant (Father of Kris Bryant)

Lucky enough to have special guest Mike Bryant this week who shares some incredible insights into the modern game... read more

Pelotero Pickle 38: Baseball Gambling, Tatis’s Defense, Harper Hit in the Face, Ballpark Dates

2:11​ - Sports Gambling and its relationship with baseball…the guys talk about the state of baseball as a consumer... read more

Pelotero Pickle 36: Dodgers Padres, 7 Inning Games, Super League for Soccer, Jake Paul Throws Bombs

1:38​ - Reactions to the AWESOME Padres vs. Dodgers weekend series 7:11​ - Was Profar’s swing in the Saturday... read more

Pelotero Pickle 34: Opening Weekend Observations, How to Watch Baseball, College Hitter Panic

2:06​ - Observations from the first few days of the 2021 MLB season. Old guy homers, Babe Ohtani, Mercedes... read more

Pelotero Pickle 33: Opening Day Stories, Should Jack Leiter Stop, Slumps Are a Choice

0:40​ - Early National League predictions in opening week 2:43​ - Best opening day stories as a player or... read more

Pelotero Pickle 32: Vandy Pitchers Rolling, Lessons From Spring Training, March Madness

2:00​ - The guys discuss Vanderbilt’s front-line starting pitchers, Jack Leiter’s no-hitter, and whether or not they are big... read more

Pelotero Pickle 31: College Hitter Therapy, Landon Sims Dominance, Best Response on Twitter

0:33​ - Introduction - Recap of the weekend and the college baseball games that Chris attended. 5:38​ - College... read more

Pelotero Pickle 30: Baseball Poop Schedules, Hunter Greene Velo Bump, College Baseball Hype

0:00​ - Intro: The importance of baseball poop schedules? 4:10​ - Hunter Greene demon pitch and the general velo... read more

Pelotero Pickle 29: College Ejections and Walkoffs, Groundouts vs Strikeouts, JD Martinez Comeback

1:24​ - Gonzaga Pitcher ejected for using a sticky substance while the team was up 11-1. What is the... read more

Pelotero Pickle 28: Baseball Season Begins! Spring Training, College Openers, Tatis Gets Paid

2:12​ - Pitchers and catchers have reported to Spring Training. Chris talks about what its like to report in... read more

Pelotero Pickle 27: Snowpocalypse in Texas, Perils of Swing Optimization, Grand Slam Disaster

Sorry for the delay and the lesser quality this week. Snowstorm in Texas set back our recording and we... read more

Pelotero Pickle 26: Superbowl Reactions, Dustin Pedroia Retires, Bauer Signs with Dodgers

0:35: Super Bowl Recap! Goat Talk! Chris says A LOT of ‘I told you so’s’. 12:58: Dustin Pedroia officially... read more